Yoga to Recalibrate in Uncertain Times

Step away from the Fear

Do you find yourself stuck in a wobble?

Are you fearful, overwhelmed - feel like the world will never be the same?

Do you have cabin fever? Wonder if you're Doing Enough?

Worry about what the future will look like?

Want to regain your equlibium but don't know how to do that?

You can stop feeling like you're letting the side down.

⚡️we need to understand where we're standing
before we know how to step forward⚡️

Yoga at its heart is about understanding and
shifting emotions and our point of view.

I turned to my years of yoga
to help me when I was upside down
to guide you through you techniques to turn you right side up

Do you feel like you’re alternatively spiraling into a funk and supposed to be relentlessly positive? I certainly do and I’ve found yoga makes all the difference.

Turning to yoga helped me move through those the wobbles and reducing their reoccurence and intensity.

In this way yoga helps us honor the uncertainty while at the same time looking to the future with courage and conviction.

I’ve found that even before I can think clearly and move toward being the person I want to be, I have find my equilibrium – and for that I need to

  • ground and re-ground
  • open up my heart to myself and to open up my heart to others.

These helped me recalibrate -
and they will make the difference for you too.

This is how you can recalibrate - so you can step forward with surety.
In this course, I will guide you to do that, giving you yoga techniques to get myself out of the miasma into a more forward looking frame of mind.

Course Details

These modules are stages that move you from fear to strength. They are designed build on each other, so are best done in order - yet feel free to dip in wherever is helpful.

Each module has a video introducing its theme and technique, delving into how it will help you regain your equilibirum.

The modules have exercises and other tools, such as guided meditation, for you to download. This is the magic that will help you access your strength. I will work through these with you in real time on the video and you can always continue with them later.

The course is designed to take an hour - but you can take as long as you like and of course revisit a module anytime.

Module 1: Intro and Loving Kindness

You’re not letting the side down if you have a wobble – be kind to yourself. It is natural to feel frightened and concerned in this situation – you will have moments when you’re not the person you want to be. It’s what we do with them that makes the difference – so don’t beat yourself up.

💙 Metta Loving kindness meditation – for ourselves

Module 2: Re-ground

I’ve found that I need to do a lot of re-grounding these days. I have to feel rooted and strong before I can step forward confidently and with hope.

💙 Grounding Sequence
💙 Breathing and Grounding Meditation

Module 3: Cultivating Openheartedness

We need to tune into ourselves and come from a place of equanimity before we can help others. Without that, I find myself resentful and bad tempered, snappy and dog in a manger and I don’t really understand why. That’s the work we’ve been doing, now we are ready to move on. Now that we’ve regained our equanimity, lets open our heart to ourselves and others.

💙 Heart Opening Sequence
💙 Metta loving kindness meditation – for ourselves and for others

Module 4: Who will you be now?

Now that we’ve grounded and opened our hearts, what do you need and who will you be? What are the things that bring you joy and how can you bring more joy to others. It’s easy to have patterns that are not serving you well?

💙 Journaling
💙 Mantra and Affirmation – to turn into meditation and affirmation to give strenth and stand strong

Module 5: Standing strong you can step forward with surety

You have flexed your recalibration muscle – fantastic! You can now move ahead from a place of strength and equanimity. Whenever you feel yourself in a bit of a spiral, you have the tools to re-ground and re-center. You know how to step back from a wobble so you can then step forward with more understanding and openheartedness.

Quick guide into the techniques:

💙 by theme

💙 as a daily planner

Meet Antonia

In 2017 I was finishing up my yoga teacher training when I turned 50. I gained such tools - on and off the mat - that I was able to find get clarity about who I am and who I want to be.

I used these techniques to figure out what I want this part of my life to look like. Yoga gives me energy, vitality, clarity: a new direction. It gives this to me every day, in every aspect of my life - it helped me keep flexible clearing out mum's flat in London in a bonkers two weeks and I immediately turned to Yoga during this pandemic. Every day, I look for how I can use yoga to uplift my life.

My approach to yoga is to tune into what you need today and how that builds with slow, straightforward poses and off the mat techniques.

In this case, what I needed was and understanding of where I was standing - so I could step forward with strength . Yoga - on and off the mat - is a way to keep your body humming, to tap into who you are and to reconnect to yourself so you can access what you need today, whatever that might be.

Kind words:

Antonia came out of nowhere but in perfect timing becuase I needed a place where I could find myself .... and learn how to breath actually. Anytime you can teach someone to breath spritutally, emotionally, mentally - that's bigger than just yoga. ~ Chivonne Battle

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