Yoga for Healing


Have you been thrown for a
loop physically or emotionally?
It catches you unaware and you come to a screatching halt - right!

We all know that your frame of mind affects your healing.

But how do you access that?

No more deer in headlights.

Yoga's on and off the mat techniques connect your mind
and your body, and tune you into your wellbeing.

Yoga shifts your frame of mind -
and you don't necessarily have to move your body.

⚡️Yoga's mind body connection gives the power for recovery.⚡️

My own personal experience led me to create
a roadmap to unlock your journey back to health.

This healing path even made me stronger.

When facing oral surgery, I created a nurturing container of yoga techniques that fast tracked my emotional and physical healing.

Yoga can help you heal too.

Science is showing what we've always known:
our frame of mind, our attitude affects our recovery from surgery.
I am convinced that's true for all healing - physical or emotional.

I want to give you your yoga roadmap
to access your healing frame of mind and move from pain to health.

Click here for your FREE module on
deepening your loving relationship with yourself.

I used my years of practicing and studying yoga
to develop a strategy for successful healing.
It will guide you to unlock your recovery.

Using my yoga journey as an example, I will guide you through the techniques I I put together to heal from physical or emotional pain

so you too can come to terms with what happened and then
implement tools for a healthy recovery.

Movment is great, but you don't need to be mobile to benefit from this course. In fact, you can access the benefits without moving a muscle.

After you’re back up to par, you could use these new habits to create positive life changes.

Curious about the course?
Click here for your FREE module to give a taste and get you on your way:
deepening your loving relationship with yourself​

Get a flavor for how I'm going to lead you through your healing as a bonus to start you on this journey.
I'm giving you a free half hour guide on deepening your loving relationship with yourself.
Healthy healing is best when we're not at odds with ourself, so this will set you beautifully.

Course Details
The course is divided into separate modules.
They have different yoga techniques to help promote your recovery.

These modules are stages on your journey to healing. They build on each other, so are best done in order - yet healing isn't linear so feel free to dip in wherever is helpful.

Each module has a video introducing its theme and technique, delving into how it will help on your healing journey.

The modules have exercises and other tools, such as guided meditation, for you to download. This is the magic that will help you access your healing. I will work through these with you in real time on the video and you can always continue with them later.

The course is designed to take an hour - but you can take as long as you like and of course revisit a module anytime.

Module 1: How yoga can help you heal

This is process of healing – a journey that is inward as well as outward. Feelings are welcome but reframing is vital – even science is now supporting that our mindset affects us, especially with physical healing. That’s where yoga comes in, to help us move from pain to healing.

I used yoga techniques to help me through the tooth situation skillfully. Using my journey as an example, I will guide you through these techniques so you can come to terms with what happened and then implement tools for a healthy recovery.

Module 2: Coming to terms with what happened

You need to understand in order to heal. If you don’t you won’t know how to heal well. At the same time, you need to treat yourself well to promote healing - to call upon yourself and your community to seek self care that will promote the best, fastest healing.

➡️ Guided Journaling Exercises

Module 3: Mind – Body Connection to ground and reduce stress

Whether you’re experiencing physical pain or if your heart feels broken, it’s affecting your body. This is a time to reduce your stress.

How can you get back in tune with your body, so that you can love and support it to reduce stress, notice areas of tension and overall cultivate ease.

➡️ Short asana sequence / Guided Meditation
➡️ Breathwork

Module 4: Transition from Pain to Healing

Healing well requires a mindset that moves from pain to healing. When we’re suffering, it can be hard to let go of the pain and make that shift. Pain is all consuming. Yet you have to make that shift to promote your healing.

➡️ Guided Meditation as a bridge from pain to healing

Module 5: Reconnect to the Positive

Research is increasingly supporting the idea that we can influence our physical recovery and I’m convinced this is true of our emotional recovery as well. We’re going to implement techniques to develop a mentality that promotes your return to health.

➡️ Affirmations

➡️ Mantras

Module 6: To infinity and Beyond

Congratulations on taking charge of this setback and creating changes to help you get back to health. Dip into these techniques as you need them, this is not a one and done process.

Now you have tools for mental and physical healing – make a plan. If you choose, they can be the basis for some positive life changes. Take advantage of the fact that you’re already on your way to making them a habit. I’ll give some tips on doing just that.

Could this be the time to think big?

Take me to the healing yoga

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    Meet Antonia

    In 2017 I was finishing up my yoga teacher training when I turned 50. I gained such tools - on and off the mat - that I was able to find get clarity about who I am and who I want to be.

    I used these techniques to figure out what I want this part of my life to look like. Yoga gives me energy, vitality, clarity: a new direction. It gives this to me every day, in every aspect of my life - it helped me keep flexible clearing out mum's flat in London in a bonkers two weeks and I immediately turned to Yoga when I fractured my tooth. Every day, I look for how I can use yoga to uplift my life.

    My approach to yoga is to tune into what you need today and how that builds with slow, straightforward poses and off the mat techniques.

    In this case, what I needed was good healing. Yoga - on and off the mat - is a way to keep your body humming, to tap into who you are and to reconnect to yourself so you can access what you need today, whatever that might be.

    Kind words:

    Antonia came out of nowhere but in perfect timing becuase I needed a place where I could find myself .... and learn how to breath actually. Anytime you can teach someone to breath spritutally, emotionally, mentally - that's bigger than just yoga. ~ Chivonne Battle

    (See more here).