reconnect to your body - reconnect to your life

Rediscover Your Saturday Night Fever Strut

Midlife shouldn't be all downhill from here!
Tapping into yoga's steady movement and its empowering emotional and psychology systems,

you have no plans to fade away.

In midlife do you feel:

  • disconnected from your body?

Has your body has morphed into something you don't recognize - let alone like? Do your moods - and life - seem out of control and you feel it in your body, your relationships. How on earth to get things back on track - so you like yourself - inside and out.

  • adrift from your life?

There's always been more out there to pursue - more to achieve, more to explore, more to enjoy - only now it seems you've nothing to contribute and you're surplus to requirements. Wait what - is that all there is?

  • unsure who you are?

Are you a hat person? By that I mean - do you wear all the hats? Do you identify with your roles in life - wife / mum / social secretary? Now you have to hang up some hats - the chicks are fledging! Who on earth are you - outside of a hat?

Your midlife should be:

  • vital, strong, powerful

Back in the day, movies had a 'leading lady' - she was strong, knew her mind and her beauty had depth and was alluring. She was fabulous in a very different way from the movie's young 'ingenue'. Youth is not everything! This is how you take your life experience so your midlife has radiant purpose.

  • complete, curious, fulfilled

Midlife is a renaissance - a rebirth. The hectic years of your twenties and thirties are behind you. This is a time to tend to your body - and to your true self. It's a time to revel in who you are and how you want to live your life. It's your time to blossom - in your body and in your soul.

  • comfortable, self-assured, balance

People's constant demands pulling you in different directions just roll off your back. You are grounded, rooted, assured in who you are. You continue to show up for others of course, but above all, you show up for yourself and your loved ones. You know deep inside what is important in your life - and you live that.

🐝 clear your mind from criticism and the negative, corrosive voices.

You can shake your head at the voice saying you're not worthy / you're too much / you never get anything right. You know it's an unreliable narrator. It might pop up - but it no longer has the power to hold you back. Yoga helps you become a neutral observer - so you notice when these negative thoughts come up and can let them float away - releasing the judgment.

🐝 dig underneath the surface to banish whatever might be there holding you back.

Underneath those voices is a belief that isn't true. It's a story that you have told yourself again and again. Yoga teaches us that we are fine the way we are - that we don't need to change. It gives you techniques to cut through all that noise so that you can step forward into your glorious self with confidence.

🐝 find the sweet, quiet and calm center - that gives you balance and equanimity.

As you become a team with your body - as you feel its strength course through your veins - you realize that the stress comes from thinking that every at birthday you have to be 39 again. There is a depth of enjoyment, a freeness to enjoy in midlife. When you stop thinking of midlife as a battle to keep turn back the clock, you find you don't want to hide from yourself - in fact, you want to glory in it.

​🐝 move - and sit - in stillness to come home to your glorious true self and your own desires.

When you become a team with your body and tune into your soul, everything changes. There's a giddy, almost naughty feeling as you plunge into pursuing your own midlife purpose. Far from being selfish, it enriches you, giving a feeling of strength and completeness - so you end up with more to give.

Reclaim your power by knowing what is important to you -
so you can live it every day

Do you wake up every morning with a feeling that you are already behind and always playing catch up - so you just want to hide under the covers?

Imagine if you greeted each day with a feeling of steadiness and ease that went right into your bones.

Instead of your pulse racing, you take a few moments after waking up to lie in bed and connect your breath and some juicy stretches. The rhythm of your breath is in sync with the day ahead of you, with the season - with your life.

Next you move about the kitchen and your mat with strength and space. Your journaling and meditation give you calm equanimity. You have successfully crossed that bridge where all the stress of day-to-day life is left behind and you're open and spacious and ready to receive in your body and your soul.

This is where the magic happens.
It is vital to carve out time to slow down and connect to yourself to gain the clarity and confidence to stride forth and grasp what is important in your life.

My modern spin on yoga's ancient wisdom meets you where
you personally are
and empowers you to go where you need to be

You've just moved from Warrior II to Reverse Warrior for the millionth time. Have you noticed that the amount of yoga out there is overwhelming - and most of it is cookie cutter. It's yoga that's half asleep.

There's so much yoga on youtube to sift through - and most of it keeps you on the small surface area of your mat instead of giving you wings to fly!

It's time to wake up and play big - it's time for robust yoga that is:

🐝 hand selected from my massive knowledge of and experience in different types of yoga to decipher what's holding you back and get you striding purposely in midlife

Our time and the yoga tools are specifically focussed on your particular needs and goals. I pull from my deep Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher trainings as well as my wide knowledge of the millennia of yoga's wisdom to ensure that you are using only the techniques most likely to help you find breakthroughs.

🐝 includes not just movement but is a robust yoga encompassing the vast wheelhouse of yoga's tried and tested principles for living your best life

Everything is crafted with only you in mind: asana, meditation, pranayama, affirmations, visualization. Some techniques are lesser known, like mudras and vayus and bandhas. We'll use them all to bring together only the right techniques for you.

🐝 I am there each step of the way with unlimited contact, giving guidance and support to provide a safe container to ease you out of your comfort zone and dig deeply so you can dissipate what's holding you back and tap into the courage to live your fullest midlife

My background emphasized support - I understand its importance. Accepting support is far from being weak - it uplifts you to do the difficult, great things.

We will meet once a week for an hour via zoom
and you will have unlimited contact via slack.

First Month: An initial chat gets us situated. Then set weekly zooms to identify sticking points a bd uncover clarity about how you want your midlife to look - so I can put together a toolkit of specific yoga techniques to help you get unstuck. We'll keep in contact over slack as much as you want.

Second Month: This month's focus is working with the yoga techniques - really committing to the work so the shifts will happen. It is exciting yet deep work, setting you on your fulfilling midlife path. We will still meet weekly - at a time of your choosing, so we can schedule get-togethers when you need support. There's help over slack too, of course.

Third Month: It's is consolidation time - hurrah! We'll be taking stock as you gain your confident your midlife stride! This month's structure is the same - a weekly meeting that you will schedule for when you feel it will be helpful and unlimited slack chat.

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