Rediscover Your Saturday Night Fever Strut

Antonia's New spin on Yoga’s Ancient Philosophy
Often in midlife there’s a dissonance between how we should feel and what we should do. It’s like walking into the wrong dance class - being faced with ballroom when you expected to jive. You begin to feel unsure about how you should be living your life, especially as there’s such a strong message that we’ve nothing new to contribute and are surplus to requirements. Deep down you know this is claptrap, but how step away. I've created a system based on yoga and updated for the modern midlife woman to enable you to find your midlife clarity and confidence - just as it help me overcome my midlife stuck in a rut feeling.
🐝 Yoga is literally made to cut through the noise and come home to yourself. It tells us that we are complete and good and fine as we are. In spite of what we’re told, we don’t need to change ourselves or be anyone else. Once you release the messages and tune into yourself and who you are - you can tap into clarity and confidence and find your purposeful, fulfilling midlife.
🐝 Yoga's been doing this for millennia - in fact, there's so much information it can be daunting. With my background in history, I love sifting through the amazing wealth of knowledge that is out there to bring together a new spin on yoga - one that’s made for the modern midlife woman. My skills have enabled me to pick out what is helpful for you from yoga and what is not relevant and form a coherent plan to help you get your midlife mojo rocking.

Tap into your Mind Body Connection
We’re tend to be negative about our bodies and then add to that the way midlife changes our bodies and it thows you for a loop. You want to do something to feel better about your body, but end up pounding it and feeling like you're not getting anywhere.
🐝 See your body differently and become a team with your body. Cut through the ‘a young body is everything’ nonsense and discover your own body. Work with your body to feel good about it and see it gain strength and confidence.

Yoga’s different approach to your body
The way you move in yoga is different to how we tend to do movement in the West. We're not out to feel the burn. Yoga gets you chatting with your body so you start to feel good about your body.

🐝 Yoga gives you the space and quiet to start to have a conversation with your body, hear what it has to say and and feel it differently.
🐝 The slow, intentional holds of yoga also give you strength so you feel different in your body - you gain confidence in your body and begin to move differently.

🐝 You hold yourself differently because you feel confidence in your body and you stride forth in life with that confidence - maybe you even get a Saturday night fever strut.

You are getting back your confidence in your body and that gives you confidence in who you are.

Together we will use the ancient wisdom of yoga, with my new spin for the modern midlife woman.
This is deep work - it's ongoing -
and the techniques are always available to you.
Are you ready to dive into your outer body and inner landscape?

Really see the mind-body connection can look like with this short video

How the Mentorship works

  • Everything is crafted with only you in mind: asana, meditation, pranayama, mantras, affirmations, visualization. We'll use them all to create the right techniques for you.
  • Our time and the yoga tools are specifically focussed on your particular needs and goals. This is where I also really pull from my deep Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher trainings and also my wide knowledge of the centuries of yoga information.
  • I am there, each step of the way, with unlimited personal contact to support you as you use yoga's physical and mindset work to make these changes. Support is essential for success when you go out of your comfort zone. This will give you the best outcome as you do the deep, important work of delving the most ingrained patterns, uplifting yourself confidence and finding you midlife mojo.

We will meet once a week for an hour via zoom
and you will have unlimited contact via slack.

First Month: An initial chat to get us situated. Then we will have a set weekly zoom meeting to identify sticking points and start to uncover clarity about how you want to frame your midlife, putting together a whole toolkit of yoga techniques to help you get unstuck. We'll keep in contact over slack as much as you want.
Second Month: This month's focus is on you putting the yoga techniques into practice. We will still meet weekly, but not at a set time, so we can schedule get togethers when you need support. There's help over slack too, of course.
Third Month: This is consolidation time! Time to make sure you're thriving in the midlife landscape. This month's structure is the same - a weekly meeting that you will schedule for when you feel it will be helpful and unlimited slack chat.

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